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Are you hot on a potential deal, but don’t have it under contract yet?

Want to be sure you don’t screw up and blow the potential pay deal?

Not to worry, our highly trained team is here to help!

Simply submit your motivated seller lead below and our team will call the lead, do everything they can to get it under contract, find a buyer for it and bring it all the way to closing for you!

If we are able to find an end buyer for the deal we will give you a finders fee or a percentage of the profit for just submitting the lead!

Lead submission guidelines

You must have already talked to the seller and determined them to be motivated. We are NOT cold calling for you.

Your seller must have agreed to accept 75% or less of Zillow or Propstream estimated value to be considered. If your lead is over 75% please do not submit it.

Please allow our team 24-48 hours to review your submission. We will contact you, only if your lead has been accepted.

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