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Apex Wholesaling Mentorship

Apex Wholesaling Mentorship is 100% about helping you dominate wholesaling. Nick does this by inserting you into his success ecosystem where you get 24/7 support and one-on-one coaching so you can succeed at the highest level.

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A screenshot of the Estes Data website. The headline states 'All In One Database To Simplify Wholeselling Homes'

Estes Data (Propstream)

All in one database to simplify wholesaling houses. Pull motivated sellers list, access the best motivated sellers nationwide, MLS access to easily comp houses & much more! Sign up for a 7 day free trial.

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Free P&S Contract

Access to my entire bulletproof contract vault so you have every contract needed to wholesale properly in all 50 states. These are the rock solid contracts I am using in my business today that cost thousands of dollars to produce.

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Free Cold Call Script

Access to all my fearless phone scripts that have been perfected over the years to make very strategic offers over the phone and walk sellers through a proven sales process. With these scripts you will be confident and always know exactly what to say.